Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What does the Deviant Chi Pendant do?
Generally, the pendant has been reported to instantly boost energy levels & increase mental fitness. The other reported benefits of the pendant include: increasing stamina, protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation, improving sense of balance, and increasing resilience to stress.

2.    What is Deviant Chi Pendant made of?

The Deviant Chi Pendant is made of natural minerals from frozen volcanic lava.

3.    How does it work?
The combination of natural materials in the pendant produces chi energy that gets transferred to your DNA, which carries charges. All known living things are governed by charges, which can be affected positively or negatively by external frequencies. Negative frequencies include electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones and computer screens. As such, the positive frequencies from the Deviant Chi Pendant help to neutralise the effects of negative frequencies.
See “How it works” for detailed explanation.

4.    Does the Deviant Chi Pendant have an expiry date?
Since the pendant does not have any moving parts, no known data exists. However, the original samples show no sign of reduced effectiveness since the date of manufacture 3 years ago.

5.    What kind of evidence is there to show that the chi energy can be transferred to my body?

Often, the most compelling evidence can be the testimonials (See “Testimonials” for further details) of those whose lives have been changed by using the pendant. Nevertheless, there are 2 notable tests to demonstrate the effects of chi energy on your body:

(i)    The Prognos test, which measures the energetic state of the body, shows that the body experiences increased levels of energy when exposed to chi energy; and

(ii)    Kirlian photography, which captures the level of energy in objects, shows objects that are exposed to chi energy to have higher levels of energy.

6.    When is it inappropriate to wear the pendant?
There are 2 obvious instances when it is inappropriate to wear the pendant:

(i)    During sleep: The pendant boosts energy so it should not be worn during sleep. (However there are reports from users that it actually helps them sleep better).

(ii)    During menstruation: Female hormones would become over energised by the pendant at this time.

7. My Deviant Chi Pendant broke, will it loses its power?

No it will not. You can still carry it in your pocket being able to enjoy the full benefits of the Deviant Chi Pendant.

8. I am feeling uncomfortable the first few days after putting on the pendant
This is proof that the pendant is working. What you are experiencing is known as the ‘healing crisis’ which may occur prior to resolution of the symptoms.

The Healing Crisis
It is characterized by a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing or detox process. Reactions may be mild or they may be severe. You should expect it and work with it. It is an indicator that the cleanse is working.

Symptoms of the Healing Crisis
The healing crisis will usually bring about past conditions in whatever order the body is capable of handling at that time. People often forget the diseases or injuries they have had in the past, but are usually reminded during the crisis. Reactions may include:

  • Increased joint or muscle pain
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Extreme fatigue and/or its opposite, sleeplessness
  • Nausea
  • Sinus congestion
  • Fever (usually low grade) and/or chills
  • Frequent urination and/or urinary tract discharges
  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Skin eruptions, including: boils, hives, and rashes. Note: skin eruptions are often misdiagnosed as allergic reactions, resulting in the premature cessation of the cleansing program.
  • Cold or flu-like symptoms
  • You may think that you actually feel worse or that the treatment is not working at all during a cleanse. Do not despair. These are all signs that your treatment is working and that your body is going through the process of cleaning itself of impurities, toxins and imbalances.
  • Such reactions are temporary and can occur immediately — or within several days, or even several weeks, of a detox. Symptoms usually pass within 1-3 days, but on rare occasions can last several weeks.